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We specialize in Rotax Aircraft Engine Maintenance Training.  Located on the Sebring Regional Airport, we are associated with Lockwood Aviation Supply in Sebring, Florida; a company that has been specializing in Rotax aircraft engines for over 30 years and is the leading Service Center for the 9-series engines in the United States.  This school has been formed to take the hard-earned wisdom from those years of experience and provide it to you.  Whether you are an A&P who wants to serve the rapidly growing Light Sport community, a brand new Light Sport Repairman, or the owner/renter/flight-instructor of an aircraft which is powered by a Rotax engine, we have a course for you.

Rotax 4-stroke engine training is now done in three levels. 

The first is Service Training.  It covers the engine systems, operational issues, routine service, and inspections - including the condition inspection (100 hour or annual). 

Hands on Training
It is intended for the Light Sport operator/owner and as an introductory course for homebuilders and licensed maintainers.

The second course is Maintenance.  It continues deeper into engine systems and installation issues, troubleshooting and major component disassembly.  It is intended for homebuilders and licensed maintainers.

The third course is Heavy Maintenance.  It continues covering engine disassembly of all components with the exception of splitting the case and goes into the repair of the major engine components.  This course is intended for maintainers who will be setting up or working in a heavy maintenance repair center.

Each course is a prerequisite for the one that follows.  A minimum experience level is also required for the Heavy Maintenance level of training.  Call for details.

The classes are held at the Lockwood facility (unless otherwise noted) from 8am to 5pm on each of the scheduled days.  We recommend that you bring a note pad, your favorite writing instrument, and a laptop as you will be needing to access some documentation online.  People are increasingly choosing to use an iPad, and that works, but we recommend that before you come to class you download and install "PDF Reader Pro" from the App store if your version of iBook won't work with PDF files.

The first two classes are each 2 days in duration and each cost $595.  That price includes the processing/membership fee for Rotax Flying and Safety Club (RFSC).  The Heavy Maintenance class is 3 days in duration and the cost is $765.  The course prices will be somewhat higher for class locations that are away from Lockwood.  This covers the logistics of conducting classes away from our business location.  Check the information on the calendar by clicking on the class date.  There will be an additional $10 fee for international students as this will cover the extra expenses for shipping the technician credentials after the conclusion of the class.

There is now an Installation class available for the 912iS engine.  This class is intended for aircraft manufacturers and for homebuilders who are planning to install the 912iS in their aircraft.  We will cover the architecture of the Engine Management System, how it operates, and the considerations you'll want to keep in mind while working on your installation.  The prerequisite for this class is the Service class for the 9-Series engines.  The duration is 1 day, and the cost is $315.


Renewal classes are available for those who are professional iRMTs (independent Rotax Maintenance Technician).  Please contact us for prices and the eligibility policy for these classes.

Class Cancellations:  We may need to cancel a scheduled class if the enrollment is too small.  We examine enrollment 30 days before a class is scheduled, to determine if that is necessary.  Please do not make travel arrangements - that cannot be cancelled - before that time.

Student Cancellations:  When a class fills, we will contact the students to verify that they are committing to that class date, and they will be charged for the class fee at that time.  Cancellations after that point may not be refunded.

Stay here on the field at the Sebring Regional Airport's Chateau Elan Hotel: Discounted room rates negotiated for our students.  This luxury hotel overlooks the Sebring Raceway also located on the field.  Free Shuttle service to and from class available.  Call 863-655-7200, be sure to mention Lockwood Aviation and ask for the school discount when making a reservation.

Hungry? Enjoy breakfast and lunch at The Runway Cafe located a short walk across the ramp from our facility..

If you have any questions, or would like more detailed information, please call us at 863-655-5100 and we can email more to you.

Please Note: You will need to bring a laptop or tablet computer to class.

Rotax 4-Stroke Engines
  2022 Dates:

August 29-30                           9-series Service

August 31-1                               9-series Maintenance 

September 2                             9-series Injected Systems

September 26-27                     9-series Service

September 28-29                    9-series Maintenance

September 30                          9-series Injected Systems

October 17-18                           9-series Service

October 19-20                         9-series Maintenance

October 21                               9-series Injected Systems

November 7-8                          9-series Service

November 9-10                        9-series Maintenance

November 11                             9-series Injected systems

November 14-16                       9-series Heavy Maintenance

Rotax 2-Stroke Engines

TBD                                         2-stroke Maintenance and Repair


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